Portfolio Samples

Pets2Vets Web Site

October 2009, Web site

This site was designed for a non-profit organization that pairs veterans with pets. The site was developed using the WordPress structure which allows the customer to update the site on their own.

Bogart Associates Logo

June 2009, Logo

I designed this logo for Bogart Associates which symbolizes protection of the compass rose - as well as a coming together of entities.

Michelle Wolf Photography

January 2008, Web site

I designed this photography web site for Michelle Wolf to help Michelle show off her photography skills and pull in more business. Since the launch of this web site, Michelle has completely booked her entire year with photography sessions.

Altus Consulting Corp

August 2006, Web site

The following web site was designed for a consulting corporation in the Northern Virginia area that specializes in technical support to government programs.

Team EX-CIA - NBC's treasure hunters

June 2006, Web site

This web site was designed for Team ExCIA on the NBC show Treasure Hunters, which premiere's June 18th.  The site was created for the team to talk about their backgrounds and strengths and to promote their team on the show. 


July 2005, Flyer

The postcard flyer was designed for my husband's 10 year class reunion.  I used some of his old jersey's, awards, and other random memorabilia to create a nostalgic Gaylord High invitation.

Equestrian Collections

August 2004, Brochure

This brochure was designed for an Equestrian outfitters located in northern Virginia, who wanted to showcase the variety of products offered on their web site.  Additionally, they were sending out information to introduce their rewards purchasing program.


May 2004, Artist Book

This book was created as a visualization of the routine hair dying process that I have gone through for the last 10 years.  It's a highly ritualistic process - which allowed me to create a very dark and quiet book.  The final book was connected with a fastener, similiar to those used in Pantone color books or hair color books.

Northern Michigan

May 2004, Book

This cover was part of a 64-page book required for our senior project class. The entire book, including the actual assembly, was part of the project.

George Mason Yearbook Cover

April 2004, Book Cover

In my GMU yearbook class, I participated in the design contest for the yearbook cover.  My cover was chosen and was displayed on the 2003-2004 yearbook. 

Paul Rand

April 2004, Art Catalog

This was created as a class assignment, where the goal was to create a 12+ page art catalog highlighting a graphic designer of our time.

Petoskey Visitor's Guide

March 2004, Pamphlet

This project was done in Graphic Information Design III, where our goal was to recreate a poorly done brochure.  I found plenty from 'home' and recreated an 8 page brochure featuring Petoskey Michigan.

Heath Investment Properties, LLC.

March 2004, Logo

This logo was designed for a property investment company located in the northern area of Michigan.

Metropolitan Home and Home Magazine Brochure

February 2004, Brochure

The goal for this class assignment was to select a magazine and create a brochure that would highlight the theme of that magazine to a possible advertiser. I chose Metropolitian Home and Home magazine - since they are produced by the same company.


February 2004, Booklet

This project was for my senior project class. Our assignment was to make a booklet on a subject of our choosing. I chose my senior year of high school and used song lyrics and photos from that year to create a small booklet.

King Spider

December 2003, Collaborative Artist Book

This page was part of a collaborative artist book that dealt with fears. My project partner was deathly afraid of spiders, so we created a retro looking movie page that portrayed a giant spider attacking my classmate, while I smiled away beside her, as the 'non-killing' friend. We were also instructed to portray our own personal fears somehow after the book was constructed, so I covered my book with a white cloth, and then rubbed coffee grounds into the fabric and made tiny tears on it. My worst fear is dirty, ripped sheets!!!!

Alexandre de Paris Promotional Pamphlet

November 2003, Brochure

This project was created in my Graphic Design II class. Our assignment was to create a brochure featuring a store/service that was located on the George Mason campus.

Art and Visual Technology Department Poster

October 2003, Poster

The Graphic Design III students were asked to compete in a poster design contest for the Art and Visual Technology program.  Each class divided up into several groups and each came up with their own design.  After each student came up with a design of their own, the class then voted and picked a design for each group.  The group then all focused on the same design.  My original poster was selected for our group, and ended up being the winning team design.

Girls Wear Pink

October 2003, Flag Book

This project was to find a subject that we found important to talk about.  We used a flag book to display our topic. I chose to deal with equality between genders and how that relationship is dealt with in the 21st century.

Chocolate Haus

September 2003, Concertina Book

This book arts project was to create a concertina style book that focused on a memory. I chose a childhood memory of going to the candy store with my parents, in my dad's truck, on a typical Gaylord snowy day.

Wedding Objects

December 2002, Digital Art

This was a photograph that was recreated in Adobe Illustrator in my digital arts course. We worked with the gradient mesh tool and learned about shading techniques using the software.  It was interesting to see how simple shading could make an object look so real.  I think the shoes are my favorite part of this final image.  I think the glasses look chrome and as though they have been bashed in.

Winter Wonderland

November 2002, Digital Art

This project focused around created a surreal environment, and since Christmas was soon approaching, I chose to create a surreal Christmas scene. This is still one of the most difficult and satisfying pieces I have ever created.


October 2002, Digital Art

This is a self-portrait created with Photoshop for one of my digital art courses.  Our assignment was to create some collage represending ourselves.  I used photos of my husband, parents, music notes, NYC, and various other images to create this final image.  If I had to do this over, I would have not taken the same route. 

La Patisserie

September 2002, Digital Art

The goal of this class project was to create an advertisement for a service or store on the George Mason University campus using Adobe Illustrator.  I chose La Patisserie, which was a bakery and coffee shop, which was a common handout for students inbetween classes.  We were also told to use primarily 'flat colors' - meaning very little shading.  However, I couldn't resist a gradient on the coffee containers. 

Holiday Trends

September 2002, Digital Art

The purpose of this project was to recreate a magazine advertisement in Adobe Illustrator. I chose an Estee Lauder advertisement with this woman eating a strawberry, but after the design was complete, the strawberry looked out of place - so I removed it and completed the design strawberry-less.  This was an introductory course to Photoshop and Illustrator, which I was upset thatI had to take in the first place.

Just Because You Can

July 2002, Magazine Spread

This spread was for Graphic Design I. We were instructed to design a layout that would include the 13 deadly sins of desktop publishing. Please - take the time to read these!

A Sorta Fairytale

September 2002, Digital Book

This first project in my introductory digital book arts course, was to make a one sheet (8.5 x 11) book that used one image, and a few select lines of a great set of lyrics. For my image I used a picture from Michigan, and then my lyrics were by Tori Amos from her song 'A Sorta Fairytale.'

September 11th, 2001

August 2002, Plywood with Collage

This conceptual work is based on my reaction post September 11th. We were instructed to use a sculptural approach to our book. I used pegboard to create a type of wall. On each piece of the board is part of a calendar from 2001. The phrase "Strong nations no longer needed castles to protect themselves" is seen on each page. As the calendar moves through the year, that phrase begins to tumble, and the scripture, "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." starts to emerge.  At the end, the castle quote is in a pile, and my own handwriting is seen. I also used my fingerprints to slowly cover the calendar.

Reston Town Center Restaurant Guide

June 2002, Multimedia

As part of a team, I created the interface for a fully interactive CD-ROM to showcase restaurant's in Reston Town Center. I was also responsible for the coding and graphics. Together, we developed a CD that allowed users to browse the various restaurants pages, which allowed the user to view general information, dress, cost and contact information.

O.E.M. Glass Incorporated

July 2004, Web site

This web site was developed to showcase an automotive glass company in Illinois. The company produces authentic automotive glass with original markings for many classic cars. The theme needed to feel modern, but needed to imply that the company offered glass for older vechicles.

High Ridge Tractor Parts

September 2003, Web site

This web site was developed for an individual who wanted to showcase his tractor collection, as well as promote the selling of a few products.

O.E.M. Tractor Parts

December 2003, Web site

This web site was created to promote a business in Illinois that sells tractor parts.  They now maintain and update the web site on thier own.  They also requested a glass web site be created, which is showcased below.

GMView Senior Expressions: George Mason University's Yearbook

February 2004, Web site

During my yearbook class, I was asked to design a web site that promoted and gave information about the school's yearbook.  This web site is a one page information guide to George Mason's yearbook.  Since that time, the web site has been slightly edited.